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Louis Dunham

Producer | Recording and Mixing Engineer

Louis Dunham is the engineer and producer behind Black Seraph Studios; based in Buckinghamshire, England.

Louis has a number of years experience mixing rock and metal music, with a penchant for clear, punchy mixes - you can take a listen to some of his work on the listen page on this site.

With 7+ years as frontman and songwriter in Raze (as well as over 15 years experience as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist), he has the skills and understanding to help produce your record - ensuring that your unique musical blueprint carries across to your listeners.

If you've got new music that needs recording, mixing, mastering, or producing, get in touch using the contact form down below - we'd love to work with you.


Paula Nelson

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Producer | Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Paula Nelson is a Record Producer with over 30 years experience in the music industry; working with some of the biggest names in the business whilst learning her trade at many different studios in and around the UK and Germany.

She is based in the Bedfordshire Countryside working from a hybrid system predominately using Cubase, Allen & Heath mixing desks; and various plugins.


Paula has worked on well over 200 album recordings and near 500 singles, jingles and 30 second sound bites as either mixing engineer, mastering engineer or producer. She has additionally written over 300 songs, jingles and singles in assorted musical styles - her genre-spanning knowledge allowing her to switch between her beloved heavy metal and other music styles of pop, rock, punk, R&B and soul.

Paula is also a qualified project manager, music contract law advisor and business manager.




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Custom Mac Pro | Intel i7 | 16GB RAM


Logic Pro X

Cubase 11 Pro



WAVES Platinum

Slate Digital


Joey Sturgis Tones


Preamps and A/D

Rack Icon White.png

Mixing Desks:

Allen & Heath GL2400

Allen & Heath GL3300


2x Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

RME ADAT Digiface

Alesis Trigger iO


Microphone Icon White.png


Aston Origin

Aston Starlight Matched Pair

Aston Stealth

12 Gauge Blue x4

12 Gauge Black

12 Gauge Green x2

12 Gauge Red

12 Gauge 12G50

Shure SM57 x3

Audix D6 x4

Sennheiser e602-II


XLR Icon White.png

DI Boxes:

Radial JD48

Radial JDX48

Drum Triggers:

DDrum Chrome Elite


Transparent Monitor Icon White.png
Transparent Monitor Icon White.png


Yamaha HS8


Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro


Jack Icon White.png

Reflection Filters:

Aston Halo

sE Electronics GuitaRF

Shock Mounts/Pop Shields:

Aston Shiftshield


Louis Dunham

Metal DemoBlack Seraph Studios
00:00 / 01:15
Rock DemoBlack Seraph Studios
00:00 / 01:29

Demo tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Louis Dunham

Vocals by Louis Dunham, Guitars by Daniel Eveleigh,  Bass by Casey Fitzsimmons, Drums by Richard Hawking

ExorsaBlyth Road
00:00 / 05:03

Blyth Road - Exorsa recorded, mixed and mastered by Louis Dunham

Paula Nelson

Bitter EndHelgrind
00:00 / 04:53

Helgrind - Bitter End recorded, mixed and mastered by Paula Nelson

Burn, DieAcid For Blood
00:00 / 04:32

Acid For Blood - Burn, Die mastered by Paula Nelson

Falling DownTamberskjelve
00:00 / 04:28

Tamberskjelve - Falling Down mastered by Paula Nelson




Tracking is charged at a rate of £20 per hour.

This covers all microphone and recording equipment hire but does not cover hire of studio space, which can be arranged alternately dependant on your needs and location.

Mixing and Mastering

Both mixing and mastering services are available. Rates are as follows:

- Combined mixing and mastering is charged at a rate of £180 for a single track, £540 per EP (consisting of up to 30 minutes of music) or £1200 per album

- Stand-alone mastering is charged at a rate of £35 for a single track, £120 per EP (consisting of up to 30 minutes of music) or £250 per album


Production services are charged at a rate of £15 per hour, including the following:

- Discussing realistic budgets
- Studio Booking
- Sourcing tracking, mixing and mastering engineers
Working daily with the artist during their project, advising on performance, song structure



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